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In The News: Incarcerated Women Get Certified to Create Braille Books for Visually Impaired Kids

Graduation day came at a place you might not expect: York Correctional Institution. The women’s state prison has developed a program to certify inmates in braille transcription, and the work is helping visually-impaired kids across Connecticut. Five women graduated from the program on Thursday. Seeing the beauty of a butterfly through your fingers: it is […]

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A Different Perspective

Prison Braille programs are designed to meet two diverse needs: the need for more high quality braille materials for people who are blind, and the need to rehabilitate offenders and prepare them for reentry into society. While there is quite a lot of talk about the benefit to students who are blind and visually impaired […]

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23rd Annual National Prison Braille Forum

APH will host the 23rd annual National Prison Braille Forum on-site in Louisville, Kentucky prior to APH’s Annual Meeting. This event brings together Vision and Corrections Professionals to discuss Braille programs housed in Corrections Facilities. This year’s theme is Respect, Innovate, and Grow. We look forward to exploring this theme with you and hope you’ll […]

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Kingman Braille Program Contributes to World Sight Day!

“I think the biggest message I want everyone—both sighted and blind—to take away from this is that we don’t have limits. The only limits that we have are the ones that we’ve given ourselves, and I want everybody [to] stop limiting themselves.” – Kaiya Armstrong   In the fourth quarter, Kaiya Armstrong flew a Cessna […]

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