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A child sitting in a blue armchair and reading a braille storybook.

Changing Lives for the Better

The National Prison Braille Network (NPBN) is a growing and essential group of professionals working in the fields of vision and corrections. Through this partnership, much-needed quality braille textbooks are created in prisons across the U.S. for students who are blind in grades K-12. Since 2001, the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) has taken a lead role in developing the network with this critical goal in mind. The result—increased quality of life and independence for students and transcribers alike.

A work area with computer monitors and other tools used for braille transcription
Two hands on a braille book

Continued growth in the number of participants in the National Prison Braille Network is the clear result of an increased demand for braille textbooks. The NPBN plays a significant part in helping to provide the high level of preparation inmates are receiving to be productive citizens upon their release.

Braille Transcriber Apprentice Program

To find out more about how APH assists in this preparation, read about our Braille Transcriber Apprentice Program (BTAP).

A braille overlay being applied to a print book

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