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Delores Billman Scholarship Now Available

The Delores Billman Scholarship stands as a tribute to a remarkable woman whose dedication to braille has touched countless lives. For years, she has been an integral part of the Patrick L. O’Daniel Braille Facility, formerly known as the Mountain View Braille Facility. This scholarship serves a dual purpose: first, to honor Mrs. Billman for her unwavering commitment to the braille community and her advocacy for prison braille; and second, to support individuals whose lives have been transformed by participation in a Prison Braille Program.

The scholarship aims to assist recipients with various needs. Currently, funds are allocated for certifications, NBA membership and conference registration, CTEBVI membership and conference registration, and, as funds permit, for subscription fees covering 3 months of software needed for braille transcription. Ultimately, depending on availability, funds may also be used to provide a computer or laptop.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must have participated in a Prison Braille Program, obtain a letter of recommendation from a prison braille supervisor, hold Literary certification from the Library of Congress, and have been released from incarceration within the past 12 months.

For inquiries about this scholarship or to submit your application, please contact Yulianna Espinoza and Carri LaGioia at the email address provided below:

After submitting your application, you’ll receive notification regarding your eligibility for the scholarship. Approved funds will be disbursed directly to cover NBA certifications, conference registration fees, or to the software company of your choice.