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New Developments in BTAP Program

2023 is flying by! This year feels like a breath of fresh air as we are seeing the other side of the pandemic and starting to get our lives back into good working order.

In the spirit of new beginnings, BTAP is offering an additional avenue of transition to meet the new ways of life:


We are coming to you!


While the BTAP application process will remain the same, the big difference is that the BTAP candidate no longer has to relocate to Louisville, KY to qualify! Upon release, APH will purchase all the equipment plus the braille and tactile software needed to become an independent transcriber and then I, National Prison Braille Senior Director Jayma Hawkins, will travel to the approved candidate’s location. We will also provide a consultant who will give instructions on how to register the home business to meet all required state guidelines.

Applicants MUST apply 1 year before a parole hearing or scheduled release as we need to budget for the program ahead of time. The BTAP application packet itself will require the same submissions as always.

We strongly encourage applicants to complete a DOC accepted transition program upon release. Most programs can be completed in fewer than six months.

We expect to assist a higher number of applicants by allowing participants to stay within their state upon release and are excited about this new development in the BTAP program.


For questions or comments, please reach out via the Contact Us button at the top of the page.