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Kingman Braille Program Contributes to World Sight Day!

“I think the biggest message I want everyone—both sighted and blind—to take away from this is that we don’t have limits. The only limits that we have are the ones that we’ve given ourselves, and I want everybody [to] stop limiting themselves.”

– Kaiya Armstrong


In the fourth quarter, Kaiya Armstrong flew a Cessna 172 Skyhawk airplane from Scottsdale, AZ to Washington, D.C. Kaiya is legally blind. In fact, it is reported that she is able to see only two inches in front of her. Her five-day flight was to commemorate World Sight Day as Kaiya made several takeoffs and landings across the country. It was important to her to not place limits on herself and also to be an inspiration to others. Ms. Armstrong was chosen from 25 candidates who competed across three categories for the opportunity. She trained for 120 hours over eight months and made stops in Colorado, Missouri, Kentucky, and finally, Washington, D.C.

The Kingman Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility (KCRF) played a special part in this event with her flight manual and its graphics being transcribed into Braille by several inmates at KCRF. It is such an honor for our Huachuca Unit’s Braille Program to be recognized for this transcription and how we contributed to Ms. Armstrong’s achievement. Although she won’t be able to be a commercial pilot, Ms. Armstrong will be able to have a career as a ground instructor.


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